ASIAN CONCRETE ACADEMY–The Latest Concrete Development in USA

WOCA will be held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from December 4 to 6, 2017. This will be the first time to display the complete industrial chain of concrete and construction industry domestically. At the same time, there will be abundant fringe programs during the exhibition period. Two experts from USA will bring us the latest topics on various angles of concrete technologies and applications.


Mr. Dean Frank, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, Director Quality Programs.

Mr. Rick Yelton, Editor at Large, World of Concrete (USA)


Time: 12.5-6           Venue: E7-Conference Area            Ticket: RMB 280 per session


Speaker Profile:

  • Quality Assurance for Precast Concrete Erection

The success of the precast concrete industry can be attributed to the success of the quality assurance and quality control operations that take place in the precast concrete plant.  However, the industry is also dependent on the success of the precast concrete installation and erection. It is critical that the attention to quality in the precast concrete manufacturing plant also take place in the field during erection, with safety being the primary focus.

In this short overview of global trends and best practices, discussion topics will include:  preconstruction planning; erection plans; stability plans; transportation; rigging; tolerances; and best practices for quality assurance/quality control practices.

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Precast Concrete Fabrication

Precast concrete construction is commonly associated with speed of construction and high quality.  Precast concrete elements delivered to the job site are ready to be installed and are available in a nearly endless variety of configurations and appearances, depending on the capabilities of the precast concrete manufacturer. The success of a precast concrete manufacturing operation is directly tied to their commitment to quality.  Such commitment should be embraced by all employees, especially top management.

In this short overview of global trends and best practices, discussion topics will include:  Quality assurance vs. quality control; quality management systems; certification; accreditation; and a general overview of critical plant quality control operations.

  • An Overview of the Precast Concrete Industry in the U.S.

Concrete has been used as a successful building material for thousands of years.  However, the precast concrete industry is only about a century old in the United States.  The industry has matured over time and is a prime position for more success in the future. The U.S. precast concrete industry serves many construction market segments, including transportation, buildings and other structures, and underground infrastructure.

In this short overview of trends and best practices in the U.S., discussion topics will include:  the development of the precast industry; current market segments; common practices in the U.S. precast concrete industry; and a look at the future of the industry.

  • Sustainable Aspects of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a sustainable building material.  Research has shown that it compares favorably with other building materials and methods. As society progresses, it is natural to incorporate sustainability into the design and construction industry, especially given the significant amount of energy and resources associated with buildings and other construction.

In this short overview of global trends and best practices, discussion topics will include:  basic sustainability concepts; life cycle assessments; and sustainable attributes of precast concrete.


  • What’s New in Concrete Repair

A recent study by the United States Department of Reclamation found that nearly half of all repairs to concrete structures fail or perform poorly after only 5 years. It’s no surprise that the concrete repair market is one of the fastest growing segment in the construction field. Researchers, engineers and contractors are working together on a global basis to improve the effectiveness of concrete repairs.

During this short overview of global trends and best practices, discussion topics will include: Innovations in Inspection and Assessment; Seismic Retrofits; Structural Repairs; Fast Track Repair of Pavements; and Emerging Repair Materials & Techniques.

  • What’s New in Concrete Production

Producing quality concrete now requires state-of-the-art equipment. To batch sustainable concrete with long service life, that is producers are investing in modern manufacturing technology. Producers of all types – ready-mixed concrete, precast and manufactured block, are transforming their operations in highly efficient and profitable enterprises.

During this short overview of the global trends and best-practices, discussion topics will include: Plant Innovations Designed to Increase Plant Efficiency; Technologies that Incorporate Quality Control Into Batching Procedures; Using Telemetrics to Streamline Deliveries; and Special Equipment Designed to Batch Specialty Concrete.

  • What’s New in Concrete Materials

Concrete is the world’s second most-plentiful, man-made material. Concrete was first used in China during the Great Wall’s. Today’s concrete has evolved into a highly sophisticated construction material that can be designed to meet a wide range of performance requirements. In the last decade, there have been historic development in concrete as a construction material.

During this overview of current innovations and best practices, discussion topics will include: Innovations in Mix Design Approaches, Ingredients that increase service life, Ingredients that increases concrete’s sustainability, and Non-traditional ingredients.

  • What’s New in Concrete Roadbuilding  

Well-constructed roads are key to economic development. Many countries select concrete pavements, bridges, and streets to form integral elements of their public infrastructure. In the last decade, great engineering advancements have been incorporated to practice to cast stronger and more durable. Now contractors are adopting these new concrete construction practices to build sustainable structures with timetables that minimize the public’s inconvenience by investing in new design softwares, modern materials, and new paving practices.

During this short overview of global trends and best practices, discussion topics will include Pavement Design; Accelerated Concrete Bridge Techniques; Paving Construction Techniques; Pavement Maintenance; and Non-Traditional Concrete Paving Techniques.


* Above content was updated on November 24th.



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