Somero Enterprises, Inc

Somero pioneered the Laser Screed® machine market in 1986 and has since led through continued innovation by growing our product offering from a single product in 1986 to a broad portfolio of 13 products and by developing proprietary designs that are protected by a portfolio of 63 patents and patent applications. Somero offers customers equipment with unsurpassed quality and performance and unparalleled global service, technical support, training and education. Somero operates in markets across the globe with minimal direct competition.

Somero’s equipment employs laser-guided proprietary technology to achieve a high level of precision in concrete surface flatness at a higher rate of efficiency than conventional methods. By using Somero equipment, flooring contractors can attain the highest level of flat-floor precision at the lowest cost. Somero’s innovative, proprietary products include the CopperHead®, Mini Screed™ C, S-15R, S-22E, S-485, S-940, S-10A, and the S-158 Laser Screed®machines; STS-11M Spreader; as well as the 3-D Profiler System® software, the Somero Floor Levelness System™, and the SP-16 Concrete Hose Line-Pulling and Placing System.

Main Products: ride-on screeds, stationary screeds, lightweight screeds, meterials equipment and boomed screeds

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Shandong Roadway Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is located in High-Technology Industrial Development Zone, Jining city, Shandong Province. The company covers about 100,000㎡. The company is specialized in producing small and medium and special construction machinery used in the area of highway, railway, water conservancy, etc. The products are up to 40 types, 20 types of which have applied for related patents. The 40 products are divided into five categories, which are Compacting equipment, Concrete construction equipment, Canal construction equipment, Cutting and breaking equipment and Lighting equipment. The company has advanced and complete CNC processing equipment, such as Tetra-shaft (Triple-shaft) processing centers, CNC boring machine, CNC Laser, CNC drilling machine, Digital bending machine, CNC wire-cutting machine, CNC water-cutting machine and welding robot, etc

Main Products: compacting equipment, concrete construction equipment, canal construction equipment, cutting and breaking equipment and lighting equipment

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XINGYI(FUJIAN)POLISHING MACHINE CO.,LTD s located in the Chinese brands – jinjiang, is engaged in the floor grinding machinery research and development and production and sales as one of the large group company, the company founded in 1999 by Mr. Entrepreneurs Ye Genyi, won the “national high and new technology enterprise” “science and technology enterprises in fujian province”, “China’s green building national brand” the honorary title, has successfully developed a new generation of XINGYI, HTG good teck concrete floor grinding machine series of independent research and development model; With three domestic leading technology, three domestic advanced technology, six invention patents, more than 100 utility model patents; And passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS certification, CE certification; Our products are exported to 135 countries and regions, and we have after-sales service center covering the whole world, which has won the respect and trust of customers at home and abroad.

Main Porducts: concrete floor grinding machine, industrial vacuum cleaner, high-speed polishing machine, abrasive and hardener

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Carpoly New Material Co., Ltd.

Carpoly is an industry-leading paint supplier and provider of coating solutions in China, having great advantages in decorative paint and wood paint. With more than 2,600 staffs, Carpoly enjoys brand value of 15 billion RMB with annual revenue of 3 billion RMB and filing tax revenue of 260 million RMB. Carpoly has been listed as a leading brand among China’s local coating brands. From the year 2011 till now, Carpoly has been listed as the world’s Top 50 paint company. In the year 2015, Carpoly was ranked NO.33.

Main Products: specialized in manufacturing and selling floor paint and providing the construction service of floor paint and integral decoration of the garage.

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Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established in 1979, Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd. (QGM) is a professional high-new tech enterprise engaged in block making machine development, manufacturing and marketing. It has won the honorary titles of national new and high technology enterprise, national new-type wall materials equipment leading enterprise, drafting unit of standards for China Building Materials Industry, Chinese Industry Demonstration Unit, China’s Manufacturing Industries Single Champion Demonstration Unit, etc. In 2014, QGM bought Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a world famous manufacturer with a history of 60 years of block making machine, which makes QGM be the first block making machinery to acquire overseas enterprises. In April of 2016, QGM acquired Zenith Formen Maschinenfabrik GmbH which is a part of Austria Leier Group, which made the technology of QGM mould design reach the international advance level.

Main Products: 1500-Full Automatic Stationary Single Pallet Machine, 940-Full Automatic Mobile Multilayer Machine

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Hunan Fengchang Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Hunan Fengchang Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flexible floor materials. The company’s “Colofour” brand was selected as the top ten famous brands in China’s resilient floor industry and the top ten circulation brands in China’s resilient floor industry. Currently, the brand of “Colofour” includes five categories: polymer industrial floor, all-weather multi-functional anti-skid floor, PVC floor, sports floor and rubber floor. It specializes in more than 20 product series and more than 150 color categories. At present, it is a company with a very complete variety of elastic floor in China.

Main Products: polymer industrial floor and all-weather multi-functional anti-skid floor

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Kryton International Inc. (Canada) Beijing Rep. Office-WOCA exhibitor

Kryton International Inc. (Canada) Beijing Rep. Office

Kryton International Inc. provides the most effective concrete waterproofing systems in the world. With over 45 years of experience, 50 distributors worldwide, and more than 10,000 successful waterproofing projects, Kryton is the expert that mitigates the risk in concrete waterproofing.

Whether you are an engineer, architect, property developer or general contractor, Kryton helps industry professionals solve the most difficult concrete waterproofing challenges by providing innovative, time-tested solutions, backed by service and support that are second to none. Kryton products provide cost and labour savings that help you stay on budget, on schedule for the most innovative designs.

Using our proven Krystol® technology, Kryton offers admixture solutions, surface-applied treatments, repair and maintenance products, joint waterproofing protection,  water repellent sealer and Hard-cem harding admixture.

Main Products: surface-applied treatments, repair and maintenance products, joint waterproofing protection, water repellent sealer and Hard-cem harding admixture

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GeZhouBa ShiMen Special Cement Co.,LTD.

Gezhouba Shimen Special Cement Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company held by China Gezhouba Group Cement Co., Ltd. Which is specializing in the production of special cements.Currently,it has 2 special cement production lines.As the special and first brands of “Three Gorges” cement ,it covers varieties of current international and domestic cements which are divided into 5 categories and 28 varieties. Products are widely applied in domestic and abroad both in large and medium-sized water conservancy project and Hydroelectric dam,oil fields, highways, railways, bridges,airports,docks, architectural decoration and other engineering fields.

Adhering to the “fairness, integrity, win-win” concept of cooperation, holding high of the “Builds a Green Home for you”mission,with the purpose of “The Green Pacesetter in the Cement Industry”,our company is committed to be the leader in cement industry of environmental protection.

Main Products: common portland cement, white portland cement, high sulfate-resistant cement and oil well cement

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Shanghai Harex Steel Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional enterprise engaged in steel fiber production that introduces European advanced technology and advanced equipment earliest in China. For more than twenty years Harex has participated in a number of national key engineering construction projects such as Shanghai inner ring viaduct, Yangpu Bridge, Xupu Bridge, Xiamen Haicang Bridge, Hangzhou Qiantang River No.4 Bridge, Guangdong Beijing-Zhuhai North Expressway Tunnel, Jinshajiang Xiludu Hydropower Station Tunnel Pavement, Longtan Power Station, Yixing pumped storage power station, Yalong River Jinbing Hydropower Project, Yangtze River Three Gorges Hydropower Project, Yellow River Xiaolangdi Dam, etc. in China, and has become the technical example in designing, constructing and using steel fiber concrete in China.

Main Products: steel fibre

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Universal Polishing Systems

Universal Polishing Systems is located in Florida,USA and It is a professional concrete polishing solution supplier which adopting the industry standards set by CAPP.

The Universal Polishing Systems Orangeade 4-steps polishing technology , concrete CMR maintenance system and U-adaptor disk for trowel machine fast Polishing technology stands for the world’s most advanced technology level in concrete densifying and hardening.poilshing and maintenance. The patented products registered in USA of colloidal silica densifier, diamond glass lithium NANO densifier, CMR conditioner, Orangeade deep cut, Orangeade diamond polishing pad , CMR guard ,  hurricane and vespe pad and so on are very widely welcome in market.

Main Products: colloidal silica densifier, diamond glass lithium NANO densifier, CMR conditioner, Orangeade deep cut, Orangeade diamond polishing pad

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Zhejiang Weihua New Building Materials Co., Ltd is a company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) materials. Weihua UHPC project has been classified as the Key Industrial Investment Demonstrative Project by Zhejiang Province in 2019. Weihua offers Unikrete® UHPC mortar as an innovative solution to high durable pavement and jointless floor surfacing for infrastructure and industrial & commercial buildings. The professional R &D Team is headed by Dr. HU, a high caliber research scientist in European technical concrete industry and consulted by professor KHAYA, member of “1000 overseas talents plan”, director of the Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Main Products: high performance semiflexible pavement mortar, high performance semiflexible floor mortar and UHPC

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Xintiandi porcelain industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is a large domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of new environment-friendly high temperature color skid resistant ceramic particles.

Our company is a new type of pavement material developed in response to the national “13th Five-Year Plan” strategic plan to strengthen the construction of public transport, clean and beautiful countryside, ecological city and green China. The company’s products are made of unique scientific formula and fired at high temperature. They are environmentally friendly, super-strong anti-freezing, hard and firm, anti-skid and wear-resistant, bright colors, never fading, long service life and so on. The existing red, yellow, blue, green, grey, black and other colors are popular in domestic and foreign markets. Xintiandi vitrified ceramic particles are widely used in pedestrian routes, lanes, coastal, river and other scenic roads, airports, bus stops, parking lots, parks and scenic spots. It is an important element in constructing eco city Jimi country, and is a weathervane for the construction of beautiful China.

Main Products: color skid resistant ceramic particles

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Shanghai Dragon Construction Equipment Co.,LTD

SDCE is a professional manufacturer of industry leading machines and equipment. SDCE offers the most complete range of concrete floor preparation, placing, finishing and cutting.

Main Products: Concrete construction equipment

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Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited

Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited (Former Hercules Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited) is specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and application of cellulose ether series products. Currently we have two production sites which were located in Zhang Jiagang and Luzhou with a capacity of MC 18,000 tons per year, HEC 5,000 tons per year and EC 1,000 tons per year. We have one technology center in Shanghai and two small application labs near to the production sites. Tianpu chemicals shanghai technology center is the most advanced comprehensive R&D center in China cellulose ether industries. Over the years, Tianpu Chemicals had become the most influential company in China and main system solution provider serving for global market. For future, we will continue to focus on core business, strengthen innovation capacity and promote business integration in order to become a leading international service provider of cellulose ether system solutions and a comprehensive supplier of cellulose ether covering the most comprehensive business areas.


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Shandong Vanse Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City of Shandong Province, the home of the far reaching Confucian Culture. VANSE covers an area of 66000 sq. meters with 26000 sq. meters as workshop, enjoying great natural and culture resources as well as transportation advantages.

The company employs 200 R&D professionals, production engineers and technical support experts. With years of experience in R&D and a rich fund of knowledge, VANSE established products line in 3 models of Two-wheeled Concrete Laser Screed Machine, Four-wheeled Concrete Laser Screed Machine, Six-wheeled Concrete Laser Screed Machine, remote control Concrete Laser Screed Machine, long boom Concrete Laser Screed Machine.

So far, VANSE’s products have undergone three generation, all with Independent Intellectual Property Rights for the core parts. The fourth generation is under R&D process. With major auxiliary parts imported from Germany, USA, and Japan, VANSE’s equipments are more durable, safe and reliable performance to meet customers’ need in a better way.

Main Porducts:Patented concrete laser screed, Concrete trowel, Hand screed, Road roller, etc.

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Anhui Wet Cloud Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Wet Cloud Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei, an important national research and education base, which is an innovative capital with international influence. The company’s specific address is located in 9 buildings of Liandong U Valley at the junction of Busy Avenue and Jilin Road in Hefei Baohe Industrial Park. It is a service-oriented enterprise specializing in providing temperature and humidity control equipment and humidity control solutions for garages. Build a garage humidity Internet of Things control platform, provide the overall solution of “hardware products + software platform” to achieve energy-saving, environmental protection, saving manpower and other effects. Achieves the general customer’s consistent high praise.

Main Products: Temperature and humidity control equipment and humidity control solutions for garages

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Anhui Wet Cloud Environment Technology Co., Ltd.-WOCA Exhibitor



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