VIKA’s high-frequency internal vibrators, our technology is from Germany. R&D by Hangzhou VIKA vibrators Co.,Ltd. A new type of machine for concrete compaction. Built-in motor drives eccentric block high-speed rotation ,and result to rotational speed up to 12000 rpm. Easy to make resonant with concrete components, it makes rapid discharge of air bubbles in the structure,and lead to the cement, sand and steel frame, tightly integrated together, to achieve the high density of concrete components,high surface finish. It’s a new generation of environmentally friendly products. Directly connect to power supply AC 110V/220V.VIKA vibrators are with the following features: wide ranges of application places, labor saving, power saving, low noise, light weight  ,small hand-held vibration sense, security, high reliability, Incredibly vibration effective and so on.
VIKA high frequency vibrators are widely used in industrial construction, civil construction, commercial buildings construction, and etc.

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